Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Inventions Brought Change

Apparently, these inventions were made to make life easier. But did they succeed?Well, let's think. The shaduf let the Egyptians expand their farm land, and they didn't have to get in the river and haul it out. You can see from the picture at left exactly how far the farmland goes from the flood, and then expanded from the irrigation. This made it easier without a doubt! The calendar gave them the ability to prepare for the flood, and helped schedule other events as well. I think that the Egyptian farmers thought that was convenient. With papyrus, they could write and record history. This way, it wasn't written on stone and was portable, and more available. Plus, what if they couldn't write at all? The people would have to pass their stories down from generation to generation. Just think of the confusion, distortion, and the history that would have been lost to the people! Well, what about the water clock? Without it, how would the leaders know when to perform their special ceremonies? They would have no precise measure of time!As you can plainly see, the Egyptians succeeded in making life easier on themselves. The disasters would be overwhelming without these necessities.


  1. Wow i didn't know that for the solar calendar they had to study all the stars. That would take a long time to put together something like that!