Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making the Inventions

Okay, so how are some of the inventions of Egypt made? Well, some are easier than others, but here are a few examples I find absolutely amazing for the amount of knowledge and technology was available to them. It's not like they had all these tools, electricity, solar satellites, or the Internet to help them. All they had was nature and what they could do with it with what they had.

The solar calendar was made by studying astronomy (so hints the name!). They studied the star Sirius (picture above) and its position, appearances, and based their calendar off of that one star!

Now, unlike our modern paper, papyrus was NOT made from trees. Surprised? Well, papyrus was actually made from a plant called papyrus (they got real creative with coming up with the name for the paper!). A picture of the plant is shown above on the right. The strips of the plant's stems was laid out, placed under pressure, and dried, and it became paper. Here's a fun fact: Did you know that papyrus is actually white? Most people think it is a more tan, browner color, but that is just from aging.

Wow, some of the makings of the inventions were more complicated than they appear. Just think how we would have to live if we had to make everything from nature! Every day things that we take for granted would be made a lot more difficult!

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