Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Using the Inventions

Well, each invention is different, and there is a specific way to use them all. Here are a few I found interesting. I hope you do, too!
The shaduf is used by lowering the bucket into the water by the rope. Then, when you want to pull up your water, you gently pull on the rope, and the weight on the end does the hard work for you! Easy, huh? The water in the water clock drips through the funnel. When they measured the water left in the funnel, they measured by hours. (There were 12 hours marked.)Papyrus is like paper and was used to write or record anything they needed to keep or remember. Whether it was a drawing, record, praise to the pharaoh, or just an account of what happened that day (and Egyptian diary entry!), papyrus was extremely useful, don't you think?
So, these inventions were used in the every day life of the Egyptians. They were used in extraordinary, unique, (and sometimes a little weird) ways!


  1. You did a really good job of explaing how things were used. I didn't know that the shaduf would be so easy even thought it had the big heavy thing at the end of it!

  2. U did a really good job of explaining everthing so well! I wonder how the shaduf was so easy to use?